Bring your best game..cause in this league, there is no penalty for being too good! Bring your best game..cause in this league, there is no penalty for being too good!



A "true" pool players league with an 80% payout!

Welcome to the Island's best kept pool league where 80% of the dues collected is used for prizes.  Please feel free to re-read that sentence and let it sink in.  There is no league with a greater payout.....period!


The LI Pool League is a non-handicap, amateur billiards league run on Long Island, NY.  The league consists of two regular seasons (anywhere from 12-18 weeks) each with their own playoffs.  The Spring Season usually starts in February and finishes up with a Finals playoff match in early July.  The Fall Season usually starts late August/early September and finishes up with a Finals playoff match in January.  Both seasons are independent of each other.  During the Summer, tournaments will be hosted by various league sponsors.  These buy-in tournaments are open to all.  Depending on interest, additional divisions/seasons can get started at anytime.


Join our exclusive Wednesday night mixed format where a combination of 8-Ball, 9-Ball & Scotch Doubles games are played.  Hang with your friends and meet new pool players from all around the Island who enjoy playing pool and having good times as much as you do.  Whether you are just playing for a night out or like the competitiveness, the LI Pool League is for you.


Why should you join the LI POOL LEAGUE?

  • It's simple math.  The LI POOL LEAGUE pays out 80% of your weekly dues in money prizes at the end of each season.  Prizes are paid out to local teams!  Your weekly dues ($50) are not used to fund some "pie in the sky" tournament held in some other state that you most likely won't be participating in.  A four-five team division pays out $2900.  A six-seven team divisions pays out $4250.  An eight-nine team division pays out $5750.  A ten-eleven team division pays out $7200.  These are seasonal (18 week) payouts.  With just 16 teams the yearly payout is roughly $23,000.  Now you are not going to retire from playing pool in this league but the facts remain that there is just no league out there that pays back these types of percentages.  You show me another league that even comes close to this type of payout and I'll tell you to stay put cause you have truly found another players league. 

  • This is a non-handicap, amateur league with players of all skill levels.  Opponents for games are randomly matched.  EVERYONE is beatable!  All 8-ball games are played ball-and-pocket.  All 9-ball games are played slop with the exception of the 9 which is ball-and-pocket.  Safes and ball-in-hand rules apply to eliminate controversy.  Relax, have fun and play some pool!
  • Only 4 players required with no maximum per team!
    • Do you want to form a team of players that are ineligible to play together in other leagues due to their maxed out handicaps?  Then do it!
    • Is your cousin visiting on vacation and wants to play on your team for a couple of matches?  Let him/her play!
    • Are you short a player for the match and feel like grabbing someone from the bar to play on your team for the night?  Grab away!
    • The only rule is that once someone plays on a team, they are stuck with that team for the remainder of the season.
    • Gather up some friends and let's play pool!  (Eventually, the most skilled teams will be grouped together so that all divisions remain competitive.  This process may take a season or two once a new team has joined so please don't get discouraged.)  Remember why we all joined a pool league.  We all have a desire to play pool and need a night out to unwind!
  • No annual membership fees!
  • The sponsoring establishment hosting the night's match provides the table fees and snacks for the match!  Remember why any establishment would want to sponsor a team.  Please reciprocate.  We need our sponsors as much as they need you.
  • A typical match is only 3 hours long! 
  • All players games are spread out throughout the whole match making it a true team match!
  • Your opinion matters!  All suggestions are carefully considered and discussed with all players in the league.  The league is constantly evolving based on player input.  Obviously, not everyone will be happy but we will try our best.

Warning - There is no enticing trip to some far away land at the end of the season.  Gather up 4 of your best and/or worst shooters and let's play some pool!  If need be, sign on as a single and be placed.  You'll be amazed at the skills of some of our leagues premier members and have the ability to show off your own game.  Have you got what it takes?  There is only one way to find out - join today!

If you are the type of player that gets discouraged, lacks self confidence and/or would be totally disgusted if your team couldn't take first place due to another team being "just too good", then this league (or any other league for that matter) is not for you.  NO CRYBABIES!  Winning the matches or any prize money should be secondary!  You and your friends are out playing pool for 3 hours with snacks for about $10 each!  Have some fun!  This is an amateur, non-handicap league.  No player(s) become(s) "GREAT" without lots of hard work.  If your team plans on being a contender for the title of LI Pool League, LLC Champion, then we encourage you to practice, practice, practice!


*** Now accepting applications for the Winter 2014 Season***